Non-Immigrant Visas through Job Training (H-3 Visas)

The US government provides an unlimited number of temporary trainee visas, called H-3 visas. The prospective U.S. employer must first file a petition with the Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS). Once the petition is approved, part two, the visa application, can be filed.

Quota: none
Length of Visa: for the length of training (max. 18 months)
Visa Extensions: up to one year at a time during training period
Length of Application Process: 1-4 months

In order to qualify you must:

(1) show that you will be coming to the U.S. primarily for the purpose of participating in on-the-job training by a U.S. company

(2) must be training in the U.S. in order to further your career in your home country because similar opportunities for training do not exist there

(3) show that you have been offered a formal training position by a U.S. company

(4) show that you have the correct background for the training in question


Accompanying relatives of H-3 visa holders are eligible for H-4 visas. They may stay in the U.S. but not work there.



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